Hayakel Baalbeck Dance Troupe

Origin of Traditions
Hayakel Baalbeck Dance Troupe

Know the principles of dabke dance and traditions with Hayakel Baalbeck Dance Troupe spread from the mountains of Baalbeck to the Lebanese cities and villages and to the Arabic and Europian countries


Hayakel Baalbeck Dance Troupe opens admissions for learning the art and principles of dabke dance from 20-01-2017 till 31-05-2017

New Branch

Soon hayakel baalbeck in dubai opening its office starting on 15/1/2017

Dubai videoHayakel Baalbeck Dubai

Promo videoHayakel Baalbeck Dance Troupe

Promo VideoHayakel Baalbeck Dance Troupe

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Kemam FestivalHayakel Baalbeck - Kemam Festival

Kemam FestivalHayakel Baalbeck - Kemam Festival

Kemam FestivalHayakel Baalbeck - Kemam Festival

Hayakel Baalbeck Association

  • Hayakel Baalbeck Dance Troupe was established in 1994 and it consisted of six dancers. They were trained by "Abou yahya Solh" and "Abou Ibrahim Solh". They learned and perfected the traditional Baalbeck Dabke Dance of all its types. They were ones of few who perfected these dances at a time youngesters have abandoned Traditional dabke dance and Folklore.

  • On 7-1-2003 the dance band aquired official license from Ministry of Youth and Sports in the name "Hakakel Baalbeck Association". And though the band aquired an offical association for art and cultre aiming to maintain a civilized local tradition based on dance arts and original Baalbeck Dabke Dance, Believing in a tradition spread across the country originated from Lebanon and maintained throughout the years.

Dabke Dances originated from Baalbeck was recognized from other types of dabke since it was kept inherited between generations and no modification was applied. These dabke dances are performed usually along with the melodies of Traditional Arabian Flute. These Dabke dances are of six types "Zeino", "Arja" (Limping), "Tayrawiya", "Askariya" (Military), "Shmeliya" (North), "Baddawiyya" (Gypsy)

Today the band has attracted a big number of Folklore Dance and Lebanese Dabke Dance Students eager to learn a thriving Local Heritage.

Wedding ceremonies are braced by the mettle of girls and power of boys under the cloak of art and flags of Dabke and Traditions. That is where Hayakel Baalbeck Dance Troupe was to celebrate the wedding of the moon..... and after that to all the people.